Entrenched in a strategic position of the Belt and road initiative and ASEAN’s core economic circle, Forest City locates in the core of Malaysia development region with the Strait of Malacca in its reach. The World Bank Doing Business Report of 2016 ranked Malaysia 18th on the list of the best countries for doing business in the world.It was also named by Fortune magazine in 2015 as one of the seven emerging markets worth investing in the world. Because of Malaysia’s investment-friendly policies and solid economic growth, the 2017 Best Countries report U.S News & World Report, Y&R’s BAV Consulting and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania ranks it as the best country to invest in and Asian Economic Integration Report 2017 indicates Malaysia will continue to enjoy robust growth. Iskandar Malaysia has developed into industrial and an enjoyable backyard garden for Singapore. About 400,000 commutes daily via Singapore-Malaysia Links. The two regions are in close relationship with each other. So far, Iskandar has attracted an over USD50 billion investment from all over the world. Renowned enterprises such as Far East, LEGOLAND, Temasek Holdings from Singapore, EduCity, SHANGRI-LA Hotel Group have been stationed here. Infinite investment opportunities can be found here.


With an investment of about 100 billion US dollars, Forest City will be developed into a city of about 30 Km2. By introducing 8 key industries, it will be built as an intelligent eco-city which can accommodate hundreds of thousands of people. Forest City has announced as a duty-free area, where exemptions of import tax and others are applicable. Two independent CIQs via land and sea have been officially approved and construction plan will be carried out soon. In Forest City, corporate tax exemption will be granted to key industries (eligible developers, Property management organizations and industries related tourism, education and healthcare for the first 5 years). Meanwhile, no retriction on foreign equity is imposed on the above industries.


Freehold property, without inheritance tax, helps the owner to safely and effectively pass on the wealth. Real estate market in Malaysia is mature and transparent. The lawyer’s supervision on the developer’s bank accounts and the progress of development, as well as perfect Commonwealth law and banking systems, can further secure the rights of property buyers, making overseas property investment much safer.


The project has signed an agreement with the renowned School (Shattuck St. Mary’s School), a time-honoured boarding school, will offer International education from kindergarten to senior high school. The ground-breaking ceremony was successfully held on July 18, 2017. The project plans to introduce international schools, international scientific research centers, occupational training schools, etc. from around the globe. The Project is within close proximity to IskandarEduCity and there are over 10 renowned universities within a 15 – 35 Kilometre’s range. Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia, University of Reading Malaysia, University of Southampton (Malaysia Campus), National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, etc.


Malaysia is one of the few countries around the world to vigorously promote medical tourism by the government. Malaysia has abundant healthcare resources including over 8000 hospitals and clinics of all kinds. Healthcare expenses here can be up to 75% less than those in Europe and the United states. An agreement has been signed with MJ Group, a prestigious healthcare institute in Asia. The MJ Forest City Healthcare Screening Center has completed a soft opening.There are many Malaysian and Singaporean hospitals near the project, including Gleneagles Hospital, KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital and Regency Specialist Hospital. The well-equipped and experienced medical institutions will surely project the health of your whole family.


Malaysia has a stable society, where the foods are safe and English as well as Chinese is widely used. There is clear blue sky and pure sea breeze throughout the year. There has never been an earthquake or Tsunami in History. Malaysia has been ranked as NO.1 in Asia and No.6 in the world for retired life in 2017 Global Retirement Index by International Living magazines.


Low threshold and quick process; it only takes about 90 days to go through the approval process. After a period of one year, the participant can withdraw part of the approved expenses relating to house purchase, education for children in Malaysia and medical purposes. The whole family can get Social Visit Pass initially valid for a period of ten (10) years and renewable. With multiple-entry convenience and no restriction on duration of stay, the participant and their family can enjoy top education and healthcare environment at lower cost.


Planned by SASAKI- a renowned international architectural firm, Forest City is the combination of the world’s most advanced high tech cities in the modern world. The whole city will be surrounded by green facades, sky gardens and rooftop gardens. Parks scatter everywhere in the city. There will be round island greenways bar streets. Coastal parks will be around the islands. Residents here can bask in the sunshine, jog, gym, swim, and play to their utmost pleasure without worrying about traffic accidents.


8 keys sustainable dynamic industries, including Tourism & MICE, Healthcare, Education & Training, Regional Headquarters, Nearshore Finance, E-commerce, Emerging Technology and Green& Smart industry, will be introduced to attract global enterprises and capital. Cooperation with EBAWE Group and IMER Group will forge a comprehensive and modernized second-to-none production base which integrates the whole industrial chain. Cooperation agreements have been signed with 36 international enterprises and institutes including Huawei, Cisco, Accenture, Bosch and Deutsche Bank Asia Pacific Headquarter.


Adopting the world leading multi-layered city planning concept, the whole city will be covered with parks and all vehicles will travel underground. Rail transit to be constructed will link the whole city for the convenience of travel. Roads, flyovers and parking spaces will be built in the two layers underground, separating vehicles from pedestrians.

Green & Eco-Residential Area

And Industrialized Building System Base, Intelligent Manufacturing Park, Golf Course Resort in the Eco-Tourism Hub


Transportation hub, International Clubhouses and Beach Park are already in operation. The Harbour Commercial Street, SECOO flagship store and Phoenix Hotel have been opened. Duty free stores are in soft opening now. The Golf Resort Exhibition Area has been launched. The golf area, covering about 2000 acres, consists of a five star hotel, low- density residential building and three international standard 18- holes golf courses. One of the golf courses will be designed by the world- famous gold legend Jack and his son together. Course 2 (golf course in the north) spanning 168 acres and course 3(golf in the south) 190 spanning acres are designed by Liang Guokun, Executive Director of country Garden Group. Golf Resort Hotel and Golf Course 1 are expected to open in May 2018. The Landmark Building of Forest City covering built- up areas of about 500,000 m sq. will be constructed, including commercial area of about 110,000 m sq. And it covers three core functions: green offices, luxury condominiums and commercial exhibition halls, with infinity swimming pool, duty- free shopping centre, customizes conference centre, VIO air club available in all varieties. Closed –off management is adopted throughout the whole island. Forest City is also planning to provide 24 hours property management services equipped with smart security management , 24x7 petrol and 24x 7 sea petrol etc, ensuring safety of residents. Property management team consist of outstanding tablets. Platinum Phoenix Property Services provide special paid services such as guest transfer in Chinese, English and Malay. COSTAL RESIDENCES THAT EVERYONE DREAMS OF High- rise condominiums, with built-up areas range from 517 to 1862 square feet, enjoy three side’ daylights, free exquisite decoration and free parking lots (for selected units only). No need to pay for shared public areas. High- rise Apartment with build- up areas range from 377-1281 square feet, exquisite unit plan with terrace, covered by landmark building with 463-3111 square feet offices in core living – work district. Golf villas with usable areas from 2034-6975 square feet, its show unit are open to the public already. Coastal Villas, with built-up areas range from 4489-9236 square feet, are in form of semi-detached or cluster villas etc., part of which face the sea directly and complete with spacious garden, multiple suites, spacious balconies, walk- in wardrobes, studies etc, manifesting a great family’s noble and grade. Space for private lift is also available. According to Malaysia’s Policy: 1) Built-up area of an apartment includes main built-up area and all balconies. Additional areas (such as flower bed, parking space, mini warehouse) are not included in built-up area. 2) Built-up area of a villas include main built-up area, private balcony, parking space, open platform etc.


Anise Pearl is a luxury residential development in Forest city right on the marina. it offers high-end villas ranging from semi-detached bungalows to duster villas to top-of-the line fully detached 2-storey villas. Anise pearls is perfect for anyone seeking a tranquil, luxurious setting; set right on the water to the south and exquisitely landscape with lush greenery and garden throughout. Anise Pearl Villas come in several layouts and sizes to accommodates different residential needs. All units feature a rooftop terrace perfect for relaxing or entertaining, complete with Jacuzzi for a well-deserved after work soak.
The semi-detached bungalows (192 square meters) feature a ground floor with car port, outdoor terrace area, living and dining area, kitchen and domestic helper accommodations with separate entrance. Up on the first floor, there are two bedroom plus a large master bedroom, each with its own on-suit bathroom. Finally , the terrace affords residential a great place to relax and enjoy the view. The 2-storey villa (259 square meter) is the most spacious of all the units, with four bedrooms and several living areas on the first and second floors, and a lift going all the way to the rooftop terrace making it easier to move between floors.
Anise pearl villa are located in the residential area of Forest City, not far from seacoast Avenue, home to the Country Garden Forest city phoenix Hotel and Forest city's landmark buildings, Camelian Tower.With a transportation hub offering convenient access to Forest City Highway, Anise peal is the perfect lifestyle choice. Like all real estate in Forest City highway, Anise Pearl is the perfect lifestyle choice. Like all real estate in Forest City, Anise Pearl villas are on a freehold basis and exempt from inheritance tax, making them a secure investment for generations to come

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Ground Floor


Built-up Area

2067-2088 sq.ft.(Approx)

1 F

1 F

Built-up Area

2045 sq.ft.(Approx)



Built-up Area

1647 sq.ft.(Approx)

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Ground Floor


Built-up Area

2788 sq.ft.(Approx)

1 F

1 F

Built-up Area

1970 sq.ft.(Approx)


2 F

Built-up Area

Built-up Area

2723 sq.ft.(Approx)



Built-up Area

1647 sq.ft.(Approx)




Reinforced Concrete(Frame Structure)


Reinforced Concrete


Reinforced Concrete


Reinforced Concrete


Aluminium Framed Window

Main Entrance

Quality Timber Flush Door

Floor Finishes

All Floor With Tiles

Wall Finishes

External   :

Plaster With Weather Paint, Aluminium and Imitation Sandstone According to Design

Internal   :

Cement plater Except Kitchen and Bathroom

Bathroom   :

Tiles Up to 5 feet Height

Kitchen   :

Tiles Up to 5 feet Height

Sanitary Wares & Fittings


Toilet Bowl,Faucet and Wash Basin


Sink and Faucet


Boundary With Fence, Ground With Carpet Grass

Water and Power Supply

Power Connected Until DB Box(Include Installation), Indoor Provided With Conduit, Each Unit Equiped With Own Water and Electric Meter

Telephone and Televison

Indoor Provided With Conduit

Forest City Landmark Building

Carnelian Tower 1

Carnelian Tower 1

Located within Iskandar Malaysia That Is Right Next To Singapore, The Camelian Tower Adopts The Most Advanced Design And Planning Concept To Build An International Landmark In Forest City

Exquisitily-Designed Layout Allow Maximum Space Utilization.


Sunlight pours Joyously While Breeze waltzer Freely.


Sunshine Pours in And Scenery varies At Every Step.

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Y222 A2
Y220 A1/A1a
Y222 A2
Y220 A1/A1a
Y222 A2
Y220 A1/A1a



  • Transportation Hub.
  • Sales Gallery.
  • Seacoast Avenue.
  • Country Garden Forest City Phoenix Hotel.
  • Country Garden Forest City Kylin Condominium.
  • Cerulean Bay.
  • Anise Pearl.
  • Regalia park.
  • Starview Bay.
  • Regalia Park.
  • Ataraxia Park 1.
  • Ataraxia Park 2.
  • Regalia Park 3.
  • Regalia park 4.
  • Regalia Park 5.
  • Shattuck St. Mary's Forest City International School.
  • Nigella Park.
  • Carnelian Tower 1.
  • Show Units.

SALAI Properties is a real estate agency functioning under the umbrella of SALAI Construction Pvt. Ltd. which is governed by the India base SALAI groups of companies.The agency was incorporated on 16th August 2018 as a part of the company’s vision towards sustainable development. The agency took a giant leap in 2018 by stepping forward as a sales partner for the legendary Forest City Project, co-developed by Country Garden (SEHK: 2007), one of the foremost leaders in global property development. As the name suggests, the project serves as a prime model of future cities. A cooperation of giants, the project operates in four islands located at Iskandar, Malaysia, just 2km away from Singapore. It is the only multi-layered city in the entire world with multi-layered transportation systems. A city where the growth of technology and greeneries progresses hand in hand. The city is cloaked with lush greeneries and a plethora of trees without the absence of the typical urban infrastructure, with no vehicles on the surface, separating pedestrians from vehicles. An ideal city where humans and animals co- exist in harmony. We take pride in presenting our agency as one of the Forest City real estate sales partners. A paradise for living and investment and a perfect choice for leisure and retirement, almost anyone can relate to it. We served 24x7 for anyone and everyone. We present before you an integration of 8 industries along with multitudinous ideas and dreams. You just need to point your finger and take your pick and be a part of the paradise for you can be an owner too.

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